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Who are the main characters in Mike Lupica's Travel Team?

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There are many characters in this novel because it focuses on multiple travel basketball teams.  This long list of names can get a bit confusing, so it is important to focus in on the most important characters.  The easiest way to do this is to think about characters in terms of how they are connected to the protagonist, or main character. 

The main character is Danny Walker, a talented and dedicated young basketball player who is cut from his town's travel team due to his short stature.  He has always loved basketball, partly because his father, Richie Walker, was a professional basketball player.  Danny lives with his mother, Ali Walker, who is an English teacher at his school.  After Danny is cut from the team, Richie decides to start a new town travel team composed of Danny and other players that did not make the team.  

Danny's family members: 

  • Ali Walker - Kind, caring, but clueless about basketball.  Although she doesn't admit it, she is still angry with Richie for leaving her and Danny behind. 
  • Richie Walker - After famously bringing the town's local travel team to the championships, Richie Walker played for the NBA.  His career was cut short, however, by a terrible car accident that left him unable to play. 

Danny's Teammates: The Warriors

  • Tess Hewitt - Danny's close friend/crush.  Not actually on the team, but helps manage.
  • Will Stoddard - Danny's best friend who loves to talk. 
  • Matt Fitzgerald - The only tall boy on the team.
  • Colby Danes - Joined the team after Richie saw her playing on the girl's team and asked her to join.  The boys are skeptical of having a girl on the team at first, but she eventually becomes "one of the guys."
  • Robert and Steven O'Brien - Twins forced by their mother to join the team.
  • Bren Darcy
  • Michael Harden
  • Oliver Towne

Members of Danny's Rival Team - The Vikings

  • Jeffrey Ross (Mister Ross) - Coach of the Vikings and Ty's father.  Played on the same travel team as Richie Walker but was not as successful, so still acts jealous towards him. He is very competitive, and he takes all of the fun out of basketball. 
  • Ty Ross - Danny's close friend.  Extremely talented basketball player. 
  • Teddy Moran - Ty's friend who likes to start fights, especially with Danny.
  • Andy Mayne
  • Alex Aaron
  • Daryll Mullins
  • Jack Hardy

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