Who are the main characters of George L. Aiken's play Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Expert Answers
vangoghfan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main characters in George L. Aiken’s immensely popular dramatic adaptation of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin include the following persons:

  • Eliza, a black slave owned by the Shelby family
  • George, Eliza’s husband, who is also a slave but who is owned by an abusive slaveholder named George Harris
  • Harry, young son of Eliza and George
  • George Shelby, owner of Eliza
  • Haley, a slave trader
  • Uncle Tom, a particularly noble slave owned by George Shelby
  • Aunt Chloe, Uncle Tom’s wife
  • Phineas Fletcher, a good man who assists Eliza and Harry escape to the north
  • Marks, who works for Haley
  • Tom Loker, who also works for Haley
  • Mr. St. Clare, a native of Kentucky
  • Eva St. Clair, Mr. St. Clare’s virtuous young daughter, who becomes especially attached to Uncle Tom before she dies
  • Miss Ophelia, a northern cousin of Mr. St. Clare
  • Topsy, a young black slave who serves Miss Ophelia
  • Wilson, a former owner of George Harris
  • Emmeline, a black adolescent slave
  • Simon Legree, a malicious master who purchases Emmeline and Uncle Tom. At one point he whips Uncle Tom, shouting,

"Ain't you mine, body and soul?"

  • Deacon Perry, who courts Miss Ophelia
  • Gumption Cute, a relative of Miss Ophelia
  • Cassy, another of Legree’s slaves