Who are the main characters in the book Ninety Miles to Havana?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. Julian: Julian is the protagonist of the story. He has two older brothers.  Julian tends to feel like his older brothers always treat him like he's too little to do anything.  He likes to draw.  He's intelligent but easily angered.  

2. Gordo: He's the middle brother in the family. His real name is Eduardo.  He tends to pick on Julian, but protects Julian when other people bully Julian.  

3. Alquilino: Julian's oldest brother. He's the standard older brother type.  He follows the rules.  He's cautious and incredibly protective of his younger siblings.  

4. Caballo: His real name is Romeo, and he doesn't like to be called that.  He's a bully through and through and uses fear to get the respect he desires.  

5. Angelita: Julian's neighbor and friend.  She respects and likes Julian for who he is and never tells him that he's too small or young (like his brothers do).