Who are the main characters in Ben Jonson's The Alchemist?

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MASTER LOVEWIT. The aptly named master of the house, he is quick to overlook the chicanery in his house when he sees the chance for romance and marriage with Dame Pliant.

ABEL DRUGGER. Drugger is a tobacconist--a druggist--who yearns to improve his business by any means necessary.

JEREMY BUTLER. He also goes by the names Lungs and Face. As the alchemist's assistant, Lungs spends many hours in the smoke-filled lab. As Face, he easily adapts to another identity when the need fits.

EPICURE MAMMON. The evil Mammon's name derives from an old English story in which the character is believed to be the devil. In Greek, the word is synonomous with "riches"--what Mammon most desires.

DAME PLIANT. The desirable woman is aptly named ("pliant" is defined as "flexible") since she is readily willing to give up her fiance for the much older Lovewit.

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