Who are the main characters in "They Cage the Animals at Night"?

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The central character in "They Cage the Animals at Night" is the author, Jennings Michael Burch.  Burch was abandoned by his mother when he was eight years old, and the book is his story of his years in foster care and institutions.

Burch is a resilient young boy who quickly learns the hard rules of survival as he is shuttled from home to home.  The only constant in his life is a stuffed animal he calls Doggie.

Other characters in the book are his mother, Rita Catherine Hogan Burch, and his siblings, older brothers Larry, George, and Walter, and baby brother Gene.  There is also another brother, Jerome, who is not well and spends a lot of time in the hospital.  Burch develops a relationship of sorts with Jerome, who attempts to "explain family relationships and the harsh realities of life to him".  Burch's time with his family is fraught with difficulties, and when his mother becomes ill, the family is broken up again.

Burch spends time in a series of foster homes, and meets a variety of people in them, some helpful and others abusive.  He is befriended by Martha, the cook in one of these homes, and finally crosses paths with Sal, a city busdriver who provides him with the home and support for which he has always yearned.


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The real main character in this autobiography is the author: Jennings Michael Burch. This is of course his story, told from his perspective (first-person narrative). There are many minor characters that float in and out of the main character's life as a result of Burch's orphaned status. The reality for Burch is that unlike other main characters, who often have major characters that are constantly present, or are mostly present throughout, Burch doesn't have these figures of stability around him. We don't get to see any other characters change and grow as major, well developed, characters do; only Burch stands out in this sense. The transience of the characters Burch interacts with amplifies the reality that Burch has no one in his life he can really rely on. 

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The main character is definitely Jennings. The whole story is set from his perspective.

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Jennings is the mian main chracter in the book and hehas a fe brthers and his mom whih i prety poor well atleast in the book she is

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for me the main character is and offcourse mr. Jennings M. Burch. He suffered alot when he was a child. I personal liked the book, my mother bought it for me for school, the ESL teacher told us to buy it. My mother read the book too and she cried alot and everytime we talked about the book she cried. I just wish i could talked to Mr. Jennings personal so i could tell him how i feel about everything that he went trough. I just wish i have a friend just like Mr. jennings, Mark and Sal