Who is the main character in Jim O'Connor's What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?

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It is not really fair to request a "main character" in regards to this book because it is a non-fiction book about a particular event.  However, there are quite a few real people mentioned in the book that could be considered "characters":  Mathew Brady (a famous civil war photographer), Jeb Stuart (a lesser-known general for the Confederacy), George Meade (the general leading the Confederacy during this particular battle), Abraham Lincoln (the President of the United States at the time), and Robert E. Lee (the legendary general of the Confederacy).  Of these four characters, only Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee could be considered main characters.  Lincoln, of course, is famous for his "Gettysburg Address" and his role in leading the Union during the entire Civil war.  Robert E. Lee led the soldiers from the South into the bloody battle that gives the book its title.  The battle is often deemed the "turning point" of the Civil War.

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