Who is the main character in the story? Muni or the horse? Why?

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The main character in the story "A Horse and Two Goats" by R. K. Narayan is Muni. We can know this by several ways.

Muni is the character who receives the most "narrative action," meaning most of the narrative is centered on Muni and his actions. In most narratives, the narrative events tend to center around the main character, or "protagonist."

We can also observe that we, the reader, have more access to Muni's interiority (his internal thoughts) than we do for any other character. We hear Muni's thoughts much more frequently than the American's thoughts, for example: "Muni felt totally confused but decided that the best thing would be to make an attempt to get away from this place."

We also know that Muni is the main character because the meaning of the story is most tied to his thoughts, actions, and fate. We can say that this is Muni's story, because it is tied, intrinsically, to who Muni is as a person. For example, we know that Muni likes to sit out by the highway because it allows...

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