Who is the main character in the story "The Tell-Tale Heart"?

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We, as readers, are never given the name of the speaker.  It is written in 1st person, so he doesn't have to give us his name.  He just wants us to know that he isn't insane and wants to prove it.  That very fact makes the reader wonder if he has falsified the facts. We are seeing the facts through the eyes of an insane man. Poe is able to let the reader see through the man's description of odd behavior and reasoning --- such as he loved the old man but hated his eye --that the man has slipped into madness.  He is also able to show us his panic when he thinks the police officers can hear the beating of the old man's heart.  It would be interesting to read it from the policeman's point of view.

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The chief character in "The Tdell TaleHeart" is the conscience of the self-concerned man.  In ttrute hde is a man without a consciencve since his only concern is with himself, not on hoehe treats others. He is blind to his one faults