Who are the main character of Rabbit Hill?What are they?

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 “Rabbit Hill” by Robert Lawson is a wonderful little story about an abandoned farm in Connecticut.  The family of animals that lives there includes Little Georgie, his father, mother, Uncle Analdas, Porkey and Phewie.  We learn shortly into this fable that Rabbit Hill will soon have “New People” moving into the old farmhouse.  Gorgie, a young rabbit is excited and curious.  George’s father is an old Southern rabbit and Gorgie’s mother is a worrier who is constantly thinking about the worst that could happen.  Porkey is a groundhog and Phewie is the Skunk.  Together they face the unknown and learn how to live peacefully with the "new people."

"The "new folks" in Rabbit Hill function more as a single character than as individuals, although the cook with her peculiar friendship with Pewy, and the man with his strong-smelling pipe are somewhat individualized. In general, however, the humans are simply a presence that forces the animal community to confront their own hopes and fears."

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