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As the main title suggests, the nightingale is the main character of the short story The Nightingale and the Rose, by Oscar Wilde.

When we describe the role of the main character we often refer to the character who has undergone the most changes, and who has served as the target of the plot. It is often a round, or dynamic, character. It is also a character that helps move the plot forward.

One could confuse the Oxonian student as the main character because he is the one who proposes the problem of the story. However, his character is rather flat which means that it does not transition, grow, or change as a result of the different situations in that occur throughout the narrative.

Contrastingly, the nightingale offers his life as an ultimate sacrifice in the name of love, thinking that this would have made a difference in the life of the student. We know that his sacrifice is in vain, however, the gist of the story is this: It is always a worthy cause to us, and not necessarily to those around us, to sacrifice ourselves in the name of something that we hold deeply as a universal truth.

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The main character is Nightingale :

The main character in literature oftenly influenced other characters in a story and also readers. It oftenly can be found in the first paragraph in a literary works and oftenly used as a title in literary works.