Who is the main character in Crispin: The Cross of Lead?

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The main character is initially known as Asta's son. His given name is actually Crispin, and he lends his name to the novel.

With his mother newly dead, Crispin finds himself alone and hunted like an animal. It seems that the steward of his village, John Aycliffe, seeks to kill him. Aycliffe is bound to Furnival, the lord of Stromford Village. Stromford is where Crispin and his mother have made their home for as long as he can remember. His only friend seems to be Father Quinel. However, when Crispin finds the old man dead with a slit throat, he knows that Aycliffe (on Furnival's orders) will never stop hunting him down. Aycliffe has declared Crispin a "wolf's head," someone not quite human; with this declaration, anyone who sees Crispin may hunt him down and kill him without repercussions.

Crispin resolves to run as far away as he can. Soon, he meets Bear, an older man, who becomes a father figure to him. The rest of the novel details their adventures as they team up to take down Aycliffe. You may be interested in eNotes' excellent chapter summaries below.

miket99 | Student

The main character is Crispin

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