The Egg Questions and Answers
by Sherwood Anderson

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Who is the main character in Sherwood Anderson's short story "The Egg"?

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The main character, or protagonist, of a story is the character who undergoes change as a result of the story's conflict. A conflict is a struggle between two opposing sides in a story, usually described as a struggle between the protagonist and the antagonist. However, an antagonist does not necessarily have to be a character. The protagonist can also struggle against society, nature, and even the protagonist's own self. So, to identify the protagonist, we identify the character who changes as a result of the conflict.

Interestingly, in Sherwood Anderson's short story "The Egg," the nameless narrator's father experiences conflicts between self and fate . He had at first been very happy as a farmhand; however, his wife persuaded him to try and be more financially successful by starting a business of his own....

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