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Macduff is a Scottish noble who holds the title of Thane of Fife. He is one of the first to suspect Macbeth's treachery—though he does not voice his concerns, he notably declines to attend Macbeth's coronation. He is also the first to discover Duncan's murder, entering his room to find a bloody scene the morning after Macbeth has stabbed the king to death. He is most notable as the man who kills Macbeth, and it turns out that it is he who the witches have in mind when they tell Macbeth he has nothing to fear from anyone "of woman born." It turns out at the end of the play that Macduff was born by caesarean procedure. Not only that, but Macduff has his heart set on revenge after Macbeth sends his assassins to murder Macduff's family (Macduff having fled to England at the time). Returning with Malcolm, Macduff vanquishes Macbeth on the field of battle.