Who is lucky and unlucky in Silas Marner?

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Silas, Eppie, and Aaron are lucky in this novel. Molly Farren is unlucky.

Molly is unlucky because she has secretly married Godfrey, who wants to marry Nancy. As Molly, an opium addict, is en route to reveal her marriage to Godfrey, with their daughter Eppie in her arms, she takes some opium because she is fatigued from travel, then she dies on the road. This is bad luck for her, an unfortunate end to a sad life.

Eppie, however, is lucky to wander into Silas's cottage, and he is lucky to find her. Although he initially thinks he is unlucky, he discovers something greater than his lost gold in Eppie's love. She brings him happiness, and she finds, in return, protection and love from Silas. Aaron Winthrop is lucky in that he is able to marry a woman as worthy as Eppie at the end of the novel.

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