In The Monk, who is Lorenzo and what is his relationship to Don Christovel?

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Don Lorenzo and Don Christovel are shown to be friends, fellow cavaliers, as they are introduced in Chapter 1. In the opening chapter of this famous gothic novel, the two friends are at the church waiting to hear Father Ambrosio, who is a famous speaker. It is here that Lorenzo meets and is charmed by Antonia, and it is the pursuit of this relationship that triggers a series of consequences that become very important for the rest of the novel. Note how the text introduces the two men:

This broad hint attracted the notice of two Cavaliers, who occupied stools on the right hand, and were leaning their backs against the seventh column from the Pulpit. Both were young, and richly habited.

Lorenzo therefore is a young nobleman who is friends with Don Christovel, and it is Lorenzo who is one of the major characters of this novel. It is his attraction to Antonia that leads him to challenge his former friend Raymond to a duel because of his supposedly evil crime against Antonia. Don Christovel is shown to be a minor character in the novel, but his significance lies in the way that he attracts the desire of Leonella, but does not return them, choosing to resist the earthly lure of love and lust. Lorenzo is therefore one of the central characters in this novel, and his relationship to Don Christovel is that they are very good friends.

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