Who lived during The Reformation period? Any people historically known?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Occurring in the 16th century, The Reformation (aka the Protestant Revolt or The Protestant Reformation) was a religious movement which ordained the rights of Christian Protestantism as a viable alternative to the Roman Catholic Church. Its primary religious leaders were Martin Luther (founder of Lutheranism) and John Calvin (founder of Calvinism).

Other important figures of the Reformation period include:

  • King Henry VIII of England, who created the Church of England, removing Catholicism as the national religion.
  • Thomas Cromwell, King Henry's chief minister of state.
  • Sir Thomas More, King Henry's counselor, a staunch Catholic who opposed Protestant reforms.
  • Queen Mary I, Henry's daughter, who returned England to Catholicism.
  • Queen Elizabeth I, who followed her father, Henry's, Protestant reforms.
  • John Knox, head of the Scottish Reformation and the founder of Presbyteriansim.
  • Huldrych Zwingli, leader of the Swiss Reformation movement.