Who are the littluns in Lord of the Flies? Brielfy tell about their condition being lost in the island.

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The littluns make up the younger population of boys stranded on the island in Lord of the Flies.  Golding dedicates the first part of chapter four to provide characterization for this group of characters:

"The undoubted littluns, those aged about six, led a quite distinct, and at the same time intense life of their own" (59). 

The narrator details their lifestyle on the island as one primarily concerned with picking and eating fruit and playing in the sand on the beach.  At night, "they suffered untold terrors in the dark and huddled together for comfort;" as the notion of a beast is introduced, their fear becomes increasingly significant (59).  The presence of the littluns influence both Jack and Ralph's leadership.  By building shelters and making rules to keep life on the island orderly, Ralph's actions reveal him to be concerned about taking care of the littluns and providing for their needs.  Jack, on the other hand, plays on the littluns' weakness and fear, using their terror of the alleged beast to frighten and control the other bigguns. 

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