In Little Bee by Chris Cleave, who is Little Bee talking to about the scar, in chapter 1? 

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Little Bee, Little Bee has had several harrowing and even near-death experiences after being almost killed in Nigeria  Her sister was not so lucky but Little Bee takes every opportunity presented to her and makes her way to England to look for the only people, outside her own family, who ever helped her and who in fact saved her on the beach that fateful day. On her arrival in England however, she is sent to an immigration Detention Center where she remains for two years surviving because of her sharp senses and ability to see a situation for what it is. She knows that, if she speaks "the Queen's English," she will be safer and allowed to stay in England because "you must look good or talk even better."(ch 1)

When Little Bee is released from the detention center, there are other girls released with her and as Little Bee stands waiting to use the telephone, she observes the other girls in the queue. The first girl, whose "thing was beauty" has scars on her "brown legs" and Little Bee wants the reader - to whom she is talking - to understand that scars are not something to be ashamed of. "You and I" will share her secret and that is that scars indicate quite clearly that "I survived." 

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