Who listened to F.D.R.'s fireside chats?Who typically listened? Did the whole family listen or only the adults?

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe only the adults listened to F.D.R.'s fireside chats. The questions he was discussing were too complicated for children to understand them. During the 1930's the radio had different kinds of programming for different times of the day. The only times there was programming for children was during the after-school hours between three and dinnertime and on Saturday mornings. On weekdays the programming was directed to housewives and included a lot of soap opera. Roosevelt's fireside chats came on during prime time, which was after the men got home from work. All classes of people listened to Roosevelt, though not all agreed with him. The working people loved him and believed everything he said. The wealthy hated him and were outraged by everything he said. The middle-class hoped he was right and that his radical programs would solve the country's problems.