In Ayn Rand's Anthem, who is Liberty 5-3000 and why is Equality attracted to her?

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Liberty is introduced in chapter two after Equality has described most of the workings and daily life of the society in which he lives. Equality is attracted to Liberty because she is different than the other women with whom she works in the fields. Not only is she a beautiful blond, but her body language suggests to him that she is different. She is strong and confident, for example, which he himself is as well. He recognizes immediately that she is one who would not walk in fear, which he also analyzes as he compares some other brothers who live at his home with him. He describes them as hunched over and never looking at anyone in the eyes; but Liberty greeted him every day "with [her] eyes" (40) which suggests that she knows no fear and is willing to break rules to meet her own desires like he does.


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