Who led a protest march on Washington D.C. after the Panic of 1893 hit the country?  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The name that you are looking for is Jacob S. Coxey.  Coxey was a businessman from Ohio who led a march on Washington in 1894.  This march is known to history as “Coxey’s Army.”

In 1893, the United States had entered into a severe recession or depression.  Such economic downturns were known in those days as “panics” so this one is known as the Panic of 1893.  To that point, it was the worst depression the US economy had ever suffered.  Many people were unemployed and, naturally, were very unhappy about it.  Coxey led his march because he believed that the government should do more to help the unemployed.  He wanted the government to engage in public works so that it could hire unemployed people to work on those jobs.  This was something the government did during the New Deal, forty years later, but it was not something the government was willing to do in 1894.

Coxey’s Army did not have much impact at the time, but historians remember it as an expression of working class protest against a government that was not willing to do much to help people in bad economic times.  So, the answer to your question is Jacob S. Coxey.

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