Who is Lady Seymour in Chains?

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Let's start with blood character-relations for Lady Seymour.  Lady Seymour is Master Lockton's aunt.   Master Lockton and his wife are the two characters that take over ownership of Isabel and Ruth after Miss Mary Finch dies.  Lady Seymour is also crazy rich.  

The reader expects Lady Seymour to be an older version of Mr. and Mrs. Lockton (super-mean to slaves), but they, like Isabel, are pleasantly surprised.  Lady Seymour treats Isabel kindly and with a great deal of respect (even though Isabel is a slave and the year is 1776).  That's a really a progressive attitude for the times.  Here is one of her thoughts:

 "I find the buying and selling of children most repugnant"

At one point in the story, Isabel is branded on the cheek by the Locktons, and it is Lady Seymour who takes Isabel in while she heals up.  Lady Seymour is one of the bright spots in the story.  While most of the slave owning characters in the story treat Isabel and Ruth very poorly, Lady Seymour has a heart, and she genuinely cares for her fellow man ... regardless of race. 


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