Who knows a short summary of the book 92 Queens Road by Dianne Case? Just 2 or 3 paragraphs please !

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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Written in 1991, 92 Queens Road tells the story of a young girl, coming to terms with her identity. The book also deals with the apartheid that was happening during this time.

Kathy is a young girl who lives with her mother and grandmother. She is wanting to play with some of the white kids, when their father chases her away. She just can't understand why she is not allowed to be with the other children. She asks "What's colored?" I asked. She ran her forefinger along the outer length of my arm, from my shoulder to my finger tips. "This" she said "is colored. Those people are white, that is why they have a better beach than we do. We, on this side, we are all coloreds" a wave of repulsion swept over me. I felt dirty. Just by this conversation alone, we can see how the color of her skin, separates her from everyone else. 

It is also a story about the absence of identity. She felt like she belonged nowhere. Her uncle goes to another town and tries to become white. When she sees her cousins, they ignore her. The story really brings to life the struggle of black people is South Africa during this time. Kathy is a young girl, who has to face adult issues. The same issues that paralleled what was happening in the American South during this same time frame. The similarities are no coincidence. The issues of race, and how the color of your skin, makes people treat you differently, is still an issue today. The apartheid that happened in South Africa, was a horror, and this story brings to life one girls struggle for identity. 

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