who is known as the thrice crowned queen of night?why is she thrice crowned?who is the thrice crowned queen

Expert Answers
wshoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Diana is the thrice crowned queen of night.  She is the goddess of the moon and hunting, and she has three identities.  She is known as Diana on earth, Luna in heaven, and Hecate in hell.  She is thrice crowned because of these three identities.

sunidhi1997 | Student

moon as she has the three fold duty- as the goddess of hunting and chasity, in the eart and in heaven.cynthia in heaven, prosperine in underworld and diana on earth. hence she is known as thrice queen.


kainaat18 | Student

The moon because she has three identities-diana on earth, luna in heaven and hecate in hell.

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