Describe the king and the duke in The Adventures of Huck Finn?

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

These two colorful characters come into the action in Chapter 19 of the text.  They are running from the crowd of a local town where they have been swindling.  They are con artists, and take on the titles of "King" and "Duke" to gain privileges on the raft among Jim and Huck.  The two come up with amazing cons from plays to revivals where they cook up schemes to rob people of their money.  They even come up with the idea of making a flier for Jim as a runaway slave so the group could travel safely by raft during the day since Huck has no papers for Jim.

They end up being tarred and feathered by townspeople as a punishment for hoodwinking the folks out of their hard-earned money.

tale2526 | Student

The King and the Duke are two swindlers who are saved by Huck and Jim. They convince Jim that they are from royal blood, but Huck knows better. They impersonate shakespearian plays mixing all of them together to create "The Royal nonsuch." When they get into the town and put on the play they are run out after collecting over $400. Later they impersonate a family from Britian to obtain money from their dead brother. Huck rats them out and tries to get away but they catch up with Huck and Jim. Later when they run out of money, they sell Jim to the Phelps and go about their buisness. Jim told the town that they were fake and when they started their play they were both tarred and feathered.

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