Who killed Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby?    

Expert Answers
afi80fl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wilson shot Gatsby while he was swimming in his pool.  Wilson suspects Gatsby of killing his late wife, Myrtle, because he recognized the car model from the scene of the crime.  However, Wilson doesn't realize that Gatsby wasn't driving; instead, it was Daisy driving, and Gatsby mentions to Nick that he knows Daisy meant to kill Myrtle.  This is likely due to the fact that she knows her husband, Tom, has been having an open affair with Myrtle.  Rather than allowing Myrtle to get caught for murder, Gatsby is willing to take the blame for the crime, proving just how much he loves her, despite the fact that Daisy more or less used him just to make Tom jealous of her for having an affair.

ssandhu05 | Student

Wilson was the one who had shot Gatsby while Gatsby was laying on a mattress in his swimming pool. He was killed because Wilson believed that Gatsby was the one who hit Myrtle late at night in his car. Really, it wasn't Gatsby's car. It was Tom Buchanan's, and the driver was Daisy. Tom made Wilson believe that it was indeed Gatsby through some small talk, causing Wilson to shoot him in a fit of rage.

udonbutterfly | Student

Gatsby was murdered by Myrtles Husband. He was laying down in the pool just relaxing and Myrtles husband, George, snuck up on him and shot him cold blooded. George then hid in the bushes and then commited sucided my shooting himself in the head. Gatsby's butler found him a pool stained with blood he couldn't believe it first. It was a really sad scene.

taangerine | Student

In "The Great Gatsby", Jay Gatsby was shot by George Wilson because of a misunderstanding -- George believed that he was the one involved in an affair with his wife Myrtle and killed her in a car accident. 

melissa1106 | Student

George Wilson kills gatsby in the end of the novel. He kills him because he thought that he was the lover of his wife myrtle and her killer. Tom Buchanan tells George that it was gatsby's car that hit myrtle but it was actually it was daisy driving and she hit myrtle.

zakariaabby | Student

Could it really be Wilson, the man who couldn't do anything throughout the book suddenly is able to commit murder. Personally I don't think Wilson did kill Gatsby, because the murder seems staged how did Wilson shoot and kill Gatsby without puncturing the lilow?

jazzi15 | Student

George Wilson, Myrtle's husband, killed Gatsby because Gtasby loved Daisy so much that he took the blame for the accident and Wilson thought that Gatsby caused Myrtle to die in the car accident.