Who killed Curley's wife in the novella Of Mice and Men?   

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Towards the end of the novella, Lennie is lamenting over the death of his puppy when Curley's wife enters the barn and attempts to comfort him. Lennie tells Curley's wife that he enjoys petting soft things, and she allows him to touch her hair. Initially, Curley's wife enjoys the attention she receives from Lennie, but when Lennie begins to squeeze his hand, she starts screaming. Lennie panics and attempts to shut her up by tightening his grip. When Lennie shakes her head, he kills her by accidently snapping her neck. Lennie simply wanted to stop Curley's wife from screaming to avoid getting into trouble, but he was unaware of his own strength and murdered her. After killing Curley's wife, Lennie runs to his predetermined hiding spot away from the ranch and waits for George to meet him.