Who killed George Bowlegs in Dance Hall of the Dead by Tony Hillerman?

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In the story, George Bowlegs was shot and killed by Dr. Reynolds.

In Chapter 19, Lt. Joe Leaphorn had hoped to find George Bowlegs in the Shalako house at the Zuni village. However, he soon became discouraged when he found no sign of the boy. In the dance room, the Shalako (the "courier between the gods and men") and the Koyemshi (children of the son and daughter of the Shiwanni, the Sun Father) were participating in a ceremonial dance.

In a stroke of luck, Leaphorn had glimpsed George Bowlegs in one of the galleries across the dance room. The boy was entranced by the dancers and didn't see Leaphorn. For his part, Leaphorn pushed through the crowd in order to reach the passageway connecting the two galleries of the house. As soon as he made his way through to the other side, however, George was nowhere to be found. Thinking that the boy had ventured outside, Leaphorn followed.

He was soon rewarded when he glimpsed who he thought was the boy, prowling an alleyway...

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