The River Between Questions and Answers
by Ngugi wa Thiong'o

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Who is Kabonyi and why was he jealous?

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Right from the beginning of the novel, Waiyaki is introduced as a good and obedient young man. He is a boy who has learned a lot from the wisdom of his father, Mr. Chege. However, when Waiyaki is sent to the missionary school and comes back as a teacher, there are doubts in the minds of some people as to where his true allegiance lies.

The main points of conflict in the novel are the two opposing extreme sides. One side believes that the Kikuyu community should completely convert to the ways of the missionaries and adopt everything the white man has to offer. This side is led by a strong Christian convert, Joshua. A different group believes that the community should stand for its traditional values. The Kiama, a sect which is led by Kabonyi, strongly advocates against colonialism or any influence by the white man.

At the center of all this dispute is Waiyaki. Waiyaki can be described as the perfect child of two worlds. He strongly believes in upholding the purity of his Kikuyu community,...

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