Who is Juggut Singh and why is he important to the story?  What is his relationship with Nooran?  Why is that significant?

priyaansh | Student

juggut singh can be called a criminal.he was the member of a notorious group.he is really important in the novel. he is a 'badmaash' (of ethics).he acts according to his principles and always follow them.it was he who had cut the rope.he never robbed his own villagers and did not want them to die what if they were muslims.

he was in love with nooran.their relation showed that love know no religion.i think it was his love for nooran that he died to save those people on the train.from this viewpoint this relationship becomes important because this love makes juggut singh good.because of this relation juggut fought with the group of which previously he was a member.

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