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Joktan is a “skinny twelve-year-old” red-haired boy who works as a kind of assistant to Daniel and other band members in Rosh’s camp. He helps Daniel with the bellows before Samson, the former slave, joins the band. Later on, he assists with all kinds of chores; for instance, when Daniel leaves the camp for a brief visit to the village, he asks Joktan to take care of Samson in his absence. When Daniel leaves Rosh’s band, Joktan begs to be allowed to go with him. He accompanies Daniel back to the village and helps him with various tasks around the house and shop—he fetches water from the well, delivers products from the shop to customers, and works as Daniel’s apprentice at the shop. He shares Daniel’s sleeping quarters at the rooftop and takes his meals in the shop or doorstep as he is not allowed to get inside the house that was left to Daniel by Simon the Zealot. Towards the end of the story, Daniel sends Joktan to Thacia with a note informing her of Leah’s poor state of health.

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