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John's father was Thomas, the director of the hatcheries. John the savage was discovered on the reservation by Bernard Marx. The reservation was a place set aside for the study of archaic societies by members of the new world. When Thomas was younger, he took a lady friend, Linda, to visit the reservation. He, however, left her on the reservation after an accident. Linda was pregnant with John, and she delivered him on the reservation. She died from an overdose of soma, a drug used by people from the new world that distorted reality and helped people forget their troubles. John grew up among members of the primitive communities on the reservation with a book by William Shakespeare as his only form of formal education. Bernard took John back with him to the new world and introduced him to the people, including Mustapha Mond. The discovery of John led to the resignation of Thomas as director of the hatcheries.

Some hunters from Malpais had found her (Linda) and brought her to the pueblo. As for the man who was his father, Linda had never seen him again. His name was Tomakin. (Yes, “Thomas” was the D.H.C.’s first name.) He must have flown away, back to the Other Place, away without her-a bad, unkind, unnatural man.

“And so I (John) was born in Malpais,” he concluded.

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Thomas, or Tomakin as Linda calls him, is also the Director of the Hatcheries. He left Linda pregnant on the Reservation and went on with his life for possibly 20 years before Bernard finds John and brings him back with him to the World State. Thomas had been living at such a high position in society while Linda and John were living in the most uncivil community.  They didn't have running water or changes of clothes during their life on the reservation; and, all the while, Thomas is back in civilization living a life of comfort.  Bernard uses this information to get back at the Director when he finds out that he will be transferred to Iceland. He presents John to the World Controller, Mustapha Mond, as a scientific experiment in order to manipulate his social status and the Director's career.

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