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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John Proctor is the main character, in my opinion, of this play.  He is, in a way, the cause of the witch trials because of the fact that he had an affair with, and then dumped, Abigail Williams, making her angry.

His struggle with his conscience is one of the biggest story lines in the play.  He is very guilty about his affair with Abigail and how it made his wife feel.  He feels he is a bad person.  At the end of the play, he dies rather than lying because he finally feels good about his morals and does not want to screw that feeling up by lying to save his life.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John Proctor is an honorable character who like most humans, has indeed sinned. What's ironic in The Crucible is that the Puritan culture maginfies the power of sin.

Proctor is a good-hearted man who did have an affair, but he didn't want to hurt his wife, and he didn't want to shame his God, he had a moment of weakness and spends the rest of the play essentially fighting evil. But in that culture, forgiveness felt rare, so he endures his own shame and guilt over and over even though his sin is done.

ronybhai | Student

John Proctor is a character in the play the Cruicible and was also a really man who lived in salem during the witch trials. He is a very house hold name. He is a farmer who lived with his wife in SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS . He was a big part of the salem witch trials and was later hanged for being a witch.




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