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John Cabot was an explorer.  He was an Italian by birth but was sailing for England when he did his most famous explorations.  He was in charge of the expedition that is believed to have been the first European expedition to reach the mainland of North America since the Norse did so in the 11th century.

John Cabot was the Anglicized name of a man who was probably born in Genoa in what is now Italy.   Very little is known about his history or about him as a person.  We do know that Cabot made his way to England and managed to persuade King Henry VII to fund trans-Atlantic exploration.  Cabot made three voyages to the New World.  Again, not very much is known about those voyages.  We do not even know exactly where Cabot made contact with North America. 

Thus, Cabot’s actual accomplishments are somewhat obscure.  He was an explorer and he was the first European in centuries to reach the mainland of North America.  Beyond that, there is not much known about him.

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