Who is Jess and Oliver Aarons, jr?  in ch 1 and 2

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "A Bridge to Terabithia " Jessie Oliver Arons, Jr.  is an eleven year old boy.  He lives on a farm and with his folks.  He has four sisters.  His dream is to be the fastest runner in school.  Jess hopes to win the race and gain recognition from his father.  He is a fifth grader.

While in the process of trying hard to be the best runner, Jess gets overworked and falls out.  Later in the story a girl moves next door.  They become friends.  Leslie Burk and Jess create the world of Terabithia together.  It is a magical and beautiful place that can only be reached by swinging across a rope, but later Leslie has a tragic accident.  Jess grows up and learns about life through his relationship with Leslie and the Kingdom of Terabithia.