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This is a great question and one that is important. Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860 and she died on May 21, 1935. She was  a very well known and celebrated women in her day. This was for good reason, because she did so much for the development, empowerment, and progression of women's rights, social problems, and even world peace. Let me name a few of her accomplishments. 

First, during the Roosevelt and Wilson administrations, she labored extensively as a public voice for social issues that plagued the nation. She brought to attention the need for public health, children's rights, and women's suffrage. As one can guess, she was very much a part of the social gospel movement of the time. She lectured on these topics all around America. Her home base was in Chicago (Hull House).

Second, in 1931 she was the first women to win the Nobel Peace Prize. This shows that even in her lifetime, she was recognized for her great work on very important social issues. 

Third, she also was an advocate for world peace. She was a renowned pacifist and did not want the United States to enter into World War I. 

I will add a link that shows her accomplishments. She is a women that need some more attention. 

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