who is jan?and who is the real person who been though this story

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Jan is an orphan boy who was also seperated by his parents during World War 2. Jan was mean, sneaking, clever, harsh, cold, selfish, unkind, he was also a trickster who knew how to steal from people right under their nose. Jan met up upon Joseph Balicki who questioned him about his lost children, Jan did'nt really cared about that, Joseph realized and bribed him with a papercut Silver Sword that was actually a present for his wife Margret Balicki, Joseph told Jan that if he give him the Silver Sword he would have to help him search for his children. Later on in th story Jan met up on the seperated family( ruth, edek and bronia balicki), Jan helped them alot by the use of the Silver Sword. the silver sword brought back the family together once again.

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