Who is Jaggers and what news does he tell Pip about his future?  

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Jaggers is a wealthy, domineering lawyer who lives and works in London. One of his clients is Miss Havisham, who lives in a decaying old house not far from where Pip resides with his sister and her husband Joe Gargary. Jaggers tells Pip that he has "great expectations" because a rich person who chooses to remain anonymous has taken a liking to the boy and wants him to be raised as a gentleman. Pip naturally assumes that the rich benefactor must be Miss Havisham, because she has been taking an interest in him and even encouraging him to fall in love with her beautiful young ward. Jaggers becomes Pip's guardian and pays for his room and board and education in London, then provides him with a liberal allowance suited to a gentleman when he is old enough to live independently. Pip later learns that Jaggers is also representing the convict named Magwitch, who tried to escape from a prison ship and was transported to Australia a long time ago. Jaggers is very important to the plot because he handles the money and is connected with several other important characters in Great Expectations.