Who is in Jack's group in Lord of the Flies?

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The following boys join Jack's group, or the "hunters", over the course of William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies:

  1. Most of the choir boys: Jack is first introduced in the novel as the head boy in the choir. As a result, most of the choir stay with Jack or join Jack. Maurice is the most commonly distinguished one because he is almost as tall as Jack. There are also Bill, Robert, Harold, and Henry (16).
  2. SamnEric also join Jack, and they can be considered two people or one depending on your reading. However, they still try and help Ralph, unlike most of the other boys on the island (148).
  3. Many of the littluns end up "joining" Jack. The reason I put this into quotation marks is that they are an unwelcome and unwanted addition. The littluns are perceived by both parties to be essentially useless.