Who is the soccer coach at Paul’s new school in Tangerine? Under what conditions does he agree to play?

The soccer coach at Paul's new school is Betty Bright. She tells him that he can play on the team, but only on the condition that he agrees to play backup to one of her starting players.

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Paul just wants to play soccer. He loves the game, has been playing it for many years, and is really rather good at it. One can understand, then, why Paul is so upset when Mr. Walski, his soccer coach at Lake Windsor, kicked him off the team because his visual impairment renders him ineligible for selection.

But a new school brings with it new opportunities. And now that Paul's started at Tangerine Middle School, he's keen to land himself a place on the school soccer team. Theresa introduces him to the team coach, Betty Bright.

After a brief chat about Paul's previous soccer experience, Ms. Bright tells him he can be on the team, but on one condition: he must be prepared to play backup to one of her starting players. The last thing she wants is for Paul to take the place of one of her starting players.

Eager to get a chance to play soccer again, Paul readily agrees to Coach Bright's terms. The coach is pleased, as she needs a backup at goalie. She tells Paul to grab a red shirt and go down to the far end of the pitch, as the team is about to start a scrimmage.

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