Who is the Secret Police and the Enforcers in Animal Farm?

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Napoleon's nine ferocious dogs are the enforcers on the farm and allegorically represent Stalin's ruthless NKVD police force, which violently punished political dissidents and carried out assassinations during the Great Purge. In Animal Farm, Napoleon secretly raises the dogs in the loft of the barn, where he educates them at a young age and teaches them to remain loyal and obedient to him. As Snowball begins to gain momentum in the political arena, Napoleon secretly plots his demise and eventually usurps power during a debate concerning the windmill. Napoleon whistles loudly, and the nine vicious dogs instantly appear. The ferocious dogs end up chasing Snowball off the farm before they surround Napoleon and silence protesters by growling at them.

During Napoleon's tyrannical reign, the nine dogs serve as his personal bodyguards and secret police force. Whenever Napoleon appears in public, the dogs remain by his side. They also intimidate the other animals and growl whenever anyone questions Squealer's announcements. The dogs also publicly execute several pigs by ripping their throats out after they offer false confessions. Without the dogs, Napoleon would struggle to maintain order and authority over the other animals. Overall, the nine ferocious dogs allegorically represent Stalin's notorious secret police and act as Napoleon's enforcers on the farm.

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