Who is the proprietress of The Coffee Pot Shop?

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The Coffee Pot Shop is the thriving social hub of the local community. It's a place where people come to hang out, gossip, and yes, drink coffee. In the quiet news month of August, newspaper reporters drop by to earwig the local gossip and see if they can sniff out a good story. One story doing the rounds is that a recently deceased bank robber by the name of Shotgun Cheatham once rode with the James boys, the notorious outlaws Jesse and Frank.

Apart from the buzz generated by this tall story, there's not a whole lot going on at The Coffee Pot Shop in August. Usually when Joey and Mary Alice show up, there are only a couple of folks hanging out, such as the two farm women chewing the fat with the proprietress, Mrs. Ike Cripe.

The women are discussing how handsome the President-elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt is and how it's strange that he would marry such a plain-looking woman. One of the women ventures the unkind opinion that Mrs. Roosevelt is "as plain as a mud fence," which would appear to be a tad hypocritical, as Joey tells us that the woman in question knows a thing or two about plainness.

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