Across Five Aprils Questions and Answers
by Irene Hunt

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Who is the main character in Across Five Aprils?

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Jethro Creighton is the story's protagonist. Across Five Aprils is his coming-of-age story, detailing his difficult transition to manhood during a crucial period in American history.

As with most boys of his age, Jethro initially thinks that war is just an awfully big game, full of glamor and excitement. But his whole attitude undergoes a profound change as the harsh realties of war hit home.

After his father dies, he is forced to take on the role of head of the house while his brothers are away fighting. Although Jethro never experiences the horrors of war directly, he does still suffer enormous emotional pain through constantly worrying about the fate of his loved ones. Add to that the fact that his education is disrupted, turning his whole life upside-down.

All in all, the Civil War is a very difficult experience for Jethro to have to endure, but it does at least give him considerable wisdom and experience.

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