Who is the flat character, indirect character, static character, round character, and dynamic character in "A Sound of Thunder"?

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There are a few characters who are flat and static in “A Sound of Thunder”—these characters include the side or supporting roles. Here is a list of them:

  • The man at the desk: A tiny part is played by the man at the desk of Time Safari, Inc. He serves the purpose of introducing Mr. Travis, establishing a foreboding tone by saying, “We guarantee nothing,” and then informing the party that the timeline has indeed been altered and that Deutscher won the election in the new timeline. He is not described, nor does he develop—really remaining the same except modified by the timeline.
  • The two hunters, Billings and Kramer: These two are bit-part players. They do not show the fear that Eckels does, and they do not alter the timeline the way that he does. They don’t change, and they are not described in detail in the story.
  • Mr. Travis’s assistant, Lesperance: Lesperance has the job of studying the past and marking animals and dinosaurs that can be killed because they will die anyway....

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