Who is the author of The Wave, the biography of Liam O'Flaherty? It's for a research paper.

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The importance of Liam O'Flahertie in literature is that he adpoted the theme of the Irish Renaissance, which is basically a form of Celtic revival here he has the opportunity of combining all the elements of Irish symbolism, history, mythology, and beauty to instill in the reader a love and respect for the Irish culture.

He writes in bucolic and naturalist styles, which makes his readings strong to the senses and appealing to human emotions. His life story is often said to be a kind of fairy tale, as he was born very poor, and  yet ended up moving to Hollywood, and witnessing some of his novels turn into film.

According to his biographers, he was born Aug. 28, 1896, County Galway, Ireland, and died in Dublin in 1984. Use the link provided for more information.


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