Who is the antagonist in All My Sons?

Ann and George Deever are the antagonists in All My Sons because their actions consistently threaten the situation of the Keller family.

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In the play All My Sons by Arthur Miller, Ann and George Deever play the role of the antagonists. Despite her young age, Ann knows what she wants and what she is doing. Ann knows Joe's dark secret and it is she who puts the events in motion that lead to the confrontation between him and Chris. She also possesses the knowledge that there is no hope that Larry is still alive. She knows that he is dead by suicide. Although she would have preferred to keep this secret, Ann is eventually forced to reveal the truth. Her tenacity and fiery spirit force Joe and Chris, the protagonists of the story, to confront truths they would very much have preferred to ignore. She knows all about Joe's culpability in the death of the twenty-one pilots and she is not going to let it slide any longer. Although Joe, Kate, and Chris would have been happy enough to maintain the status quo, Ann's actions make that impossible.

Although he plays a smaller role than his sister, George Deever also falls into the role of antagonist. His anger at Joe leads him to angrily forbid the marriage of Chris and Ann. For her part, Ann rebuffs her brother's threats, but it is too late at this point to back down. As a result, Chris is finally forced to confront his father unless Joe owns up to his past transgressions.

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