Who is Skyresh Bolgolam in Gulliver's Travels?

In Gulliver's Travels, Skyresh Bolgolam is a High Admiral of Lilliput and Gulliver's greatest enemy at the Lilliputian court.

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In chapter 3 of Gulliver's Travels, the Emperor of Lilliput appears well-disposed towards Gulliver and is inclined to grant him his liberty. The greatest opponent of this course of action is the High Admiral Skyresh Bolgolam, who, according to Gulliver "was pleased, without any provocation, to be my mortal enemy."

The motion to set Gulliver free is carried by the royal council, since Skyresh Bolgolam is the only opposition, but he does succeed in making the conditions of Gulliver's liberation more onerous than they would otherwise have been. The admiral brings a document containing these conditions to Gulliver himself, where they are read to him before he accepts them. They include a provision that Gulliver may not leave Lilliput without permission, and that he must help them in their conflict against Blefuscu. Various other types of public service are also specified.

In chapter 7, Skyresh Bolgolam appears again, this time to take the lead in impeaching Gulliver for treason. Since the Lilliputian court is generally satirized as petty, scheming, and treacherous, Bolgolam stands as a characteristic courtier, although he is particularly extreme in his hatred of Gulliver. Nonetheless, he is a flat character, and his motives are never explored, though it is suggested that the empress may originally have instructed him to act and speak against Gulliver's interests.

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