Who is Señor Saguaro in Stargirl?

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The giant cactus with the Spanish name is the boon companion of the eccentric retired teacher Archie Brubaker. Señor Saguaro isn't just a plant to Archie; he's a conversation partner. Though admittedly their conversations are a little one-sided.

Nevertheless, Archie is clearly one of those people who finds great wisdom through contemplating the world around them. Nature is often the source of answers to many of life's most perplexing questions, and as Archie is regularly engaged in providing answers to some of those questions for the benefit of the kids in the neighborhood, his regular consultations with the colossal cactus in his backyard are perhaps not quite as weird or as eccentric as they might first appear.

As well as providing answers, Señor Saguaro is also pretty adept at asking challenging questions that force Leo to think about his relationship to Stargirl. There's something more than a little unusual about her; it's as if she's a force of nature. That being the case, it makes sense in a funny kind of way to find out more about her by consulting a feature of the natural world—something that can relate to Stargirl in a way that no mere human can.

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Senor Saguaro is a tall cactus that is outside of Archie's home.  It is described as a "30 foot giant that towered over the toolshed in the back of his [Archie's] home."  The towering figure provides a talking companion to the rather unique professor, Archie.  The cactus is a vivid reminder of the story taking place in Arizona, an area where definition and redefinition is set against the backdrop of fossilized remains.  This is critical to the character of Stargirl, a vision of self definition, herself.  Senor Saguaro standing outside of Professor Archibald Brubaker's home is also significant, for this is where the most amount of discussion and understanding happens for Leo in trying to understand the complexity of Stargirl and his emotions for her.  Saturday morning classes are held at Brubaker's home, under the giant Senor Saguaro.  The function of the cactus is more symbolic than anything else, and is a vivid reminder of how setting, in terms of Arizona and Archie's home, is powerful in the novel.

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