Great Expectations Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Who is Pumblechook and how does he get Pip into Satis House in Great Expectations?

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Pumblechook is Joe's uncle. He is a seedman, which means he sells seeds. He is also a tenant of Miss Havisham's, and he goes every so often to her home, Satis House, to pay the rent. On one cold day when he is there, Miss Havisham asks him if he knows of a boy who could be sent up to her home to play.

Pumblechook suggests Pip, and Miss Havisham takes him up on it. Because he makes this suggestion and later takes Pip to Satis House at the appointed time, Pumblechook thinks he has done Pip an enormous favor.

In general, Pumblechook is unkind to Pip. Pumblechook hoards food and likes to eat—while at the same time he waters down Pip's milk. He also lords it over the boy, bullies him, and then expects to be treated with great gratitude.

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