Who is "Pride" and who is "Prejudice?" Explain.

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In Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice, one could argue that Fitzwilliam Darcy symbolically represents pride while Elizabeth Bennet represents prejudice. Darcy is depicted as an extremely wealthy aristocrat who hails from an affluent family and is very self-possessed. Unlike his close friend Mr. Bingley, Darcy is a reserved man who comes across as arrogant and cold.

Initially, Darcy is not attracted to Elizabeth and feels that her family is significantly below his social status, which is why he acts dismissive and callous towards her during their first meeting. Even though Darcy's feelings for Elizabeth begin to grow, his pride prevents him from appropriately expressing his emotions and overlooking Elizabeth's humble social status.

Elizabeth Bennet embodies prejudice when she initially perceives Darcy as an arrogant, rude man and immediately labels him as an unscrupulous, selfish person. Elizabeth resents Darcy for his proud attitude, and her prejudice against him influences her to...

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